School Policy Kit

By Break the Cycle

Step 1: Create a Comprehensive School Policy on Dating Violence

For Educators & Administrators

  • Students already experience incidents of dating violence on school campuses everyday across the nation.
  • Ensure that more than half of students who experience dating abuse report the abuse occurring on school grounds.


Teens need trusted adults who are trained and prepared to respond to the issue of dating violence. The School Policy Kitwill guide schools and school districts through the process of creating policies and protocols necessary to meet the challenge of teen dating violence. With the School Policy Kit, schools can:

  • Assess school climate and needs.
  • Draft new policies or review and edit existing ones.
  • Benefit from best-practices and lessons learned.
  • Be prepared to respond to dating violence on campus.
  • Provide key resources to teachers, staff and students.

This resource is designed for both middle and high school settings and provides specific information related to each particular population.


  • Improve school climate and enhance the learning environment.
  • Prepare schools to meet standards of school safety and legal liability.
  • Protect schools from potential action related to dating violence on campus.


In 2008, Break the Cycle partnered with the DC Office of Victim Services and the District of Columbia Public Schools to launch a comprehensive program to address teen dating violence. This pilot program was the foundation for our model school policies.

In 2009, Break the Cycle implemented and tested the model policies along with comprehensive education and teacher training. Outcomes from this evaluation will be available in the fall of 2010.

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