POP Slots Beginners Guide

pop slots beginners guide

If you’re one who enjoys playing the casino games but doesn’t want to spend money on the lucrative casinos, then Pop Slots is a game that can give you that essence.

The game is developed by PlayStudios and available in mobile device gaming. The characteristics of the game are so compelling that many players keep on playing the casino games now.

You will be winning the money in all four slot machines. Various mini casino games are here in Pop Slots that offer a wide variety and gives you the fullest experience of all real-life casinos throughout many places of the world.

How to play Pop Slots

You’ll have to do a lot of things using chips in the match. Such chips can be used to increase your game level. Nevertheless, coins are also another thing which you need to use and also you can put the bets on your chips.

Don’t worry; these are in-game currencies and not the real one we are talking about.

Pop Slots Currencies

Pop Slots chips

Most of the operation in pop slots are required for chips. The chips are of purple colour in the mobile, but they are red in the Facebook game room. So don’t be confused if you are playing the different versions. Both are same.

The Pop slot chips can be bought with real money that is utilized in the slot machines and various casinos. Nevertheless, there are other techniques for obtaining such chips. You can also use these chips to level up in the game. You can earn pop slots free coins and chips using online free pop slots coins generator which is free to use and works fine in 2020.

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Pop slots free coins are always an integral part you need to collect as a reward from the game. You can place extra bets when you have more chips

Loyalty Points

When you play the pop slot, loyalty points are collected, which are denoted in yellow colour. Such chips will not be useful in normal gameplay to place bets, but you can earn various real-life rewards using loyalty points.

Pop Slots leveling up

The possibilities of receiving awesome rewards in gaming improve to a higher degree by leveling up. But you’ll need to expend the points to level up everything in the game.

Even more in the game, though, you’ll get some chips daily as a bonus from the game.  You can start your daily gameplay with these free chips.

But as you start earning money and get real jackpots, you can get more chips. However, if you find that chips are inadequate, you also have the opportunity to use the various Pop Slots cheats. You will be able to accelerate your game progress through them.


PopSlot is a real exciting game for those who want to get real-life casino experience but in mobile. In this article, you got to know all about the game aspects, and you can start playing the game now.

If you want to know the other aspects of the game, follow the site for more.

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