The Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats

the walking dead cheats

The walking dead road to survival is a new role-playing game based on the most popular comic series of Robert Kirkman, the walking dead. In the game, users have to build strategies and an efficient team to fight battles against the enemies. In this article, we are going to tell you about some tricks, tips, and The Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats to earn diamonds and coins.


Tricks Hacks and the Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats

Always participate in daily missions

Complete Missions

Daily missions are the easiest and quickest Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats of earning diamonds and coins in the game. These daily missions do not take much time of your day as well as the money. By making small fortunes daily through these daily tasks, it will help you upgrade your characters in the game in the future.

  • You only need to spend a small amount of time per day to get exciting rewards.
  • You can also collect the right amount of XP by playing these daily missions.

Know about the different types of mission

There are three different types of tasks in the game which you need to know before the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats unless you won’t be able to clear them. The three different types of missions in the game are –

Raids – These missions are entirely based on the PvP battles where your team of players has to fight against the other players using AR mechanism. There are no specific The Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack that can earn enough coins and gold without playing these missions. You need to have sufficient raid energy to perform these missions.

World Map – Other than raids, these missions are played solely. Here, players have to clear the levels and various stations alone. No Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats can give you other rewards which you get from these battles.

Roadmap – These missions vary in terms of time durations. The players have to finish these missions within definite time duration and rewards are given according to the performance.

Playing defensive is the key

As you all heard that defence is the best offence and so applies here. In this game, you have to play defensive in order to save yourself from getting killed easily. But playing defensive does not mean you should not attack at all. In the walking dead, you should attack only when you think it is worth attacking; otherwise, you will get killed by the walkers. As it goes with the title, survival is crucial in the game.

  • Once you get killed in the game, you have to start the game all over again. So, it is better to stay alive and attack at the right moment only.
  • Always try to increase the number of killings. These walking dead road to survival cheats will make you earn more coins and XP.
  • Start by killing two or three players in the game to keep a steady growth.

Stay away from zombies


If you want to stay alive, always stay away from zombies. Do not let them come near you or finish them as soon as they come near you. Zombies can create significant damages once they reach you so better maintain distance.

  • Usually, players apply a melee attack on them, but that is seriously a big blunder because it seriously doesn’t create any damages to them and your attack will also get wasted. But how to hack the walking dead road to survival Zombie attack? Stay away from them.
  • Choosing range characters is the best option to kill them as they can quickly destroy them even after obstacles present between them.

Save your Adrenaline Rush (AR)

Do not use your player’s adrenaline rush (AR) unless they are useful. First, you should understand your player’s AR then apply them at the right time and the right place. Earning AR is very difficult in the game so better save them for a more critical time.

  • If used at the right moment, significant rewards can be earned by using AR.
  • The best Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to use AR is when there is only one player left on the battlefield. At that moment, you can earn great rewards with excellent results.

Upgrade your primary characters only

It is not possible to upgrade all the players by putting all your resources at once. So it is best Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to use your precious resources for improving primary characters only that are more efficient.

  • It requires a lot of resources to upgrade, keep playing missions to collect them.

Always keep your characters upgraded to fight-off zombies more efficiently and effectively.

Keep Grinding

In the game, you might require one specific element that is available within a particular battle. You can get that when you play higher levels. Although this Walking Dead Road to Survival hack might not give you anything randomly, frequent grinding may be your key to get elements.

Upgrade your Weapons

Every weapon has a specific ability, and that suits some particular character. When you are playing battle against an enemy, you will know that they can be gunned down with a particular weapon. If you spend coins except for these weapons, then you might not get the desired result. Your opponents might kill you with their ability. Weapons are best Walking Dead Road to Survival hack you can trust when you are alone.

What is Walking Dead Road to Survival mod apk

Some sites suggest that Walking Dead Road to Survival hack is possible with the mod apk and you can find unlimited resources through these methods. While the fact is reverse. None of these Walking Dead Road to Survival hack apk can trespass the game server, and you get nothing through it.

Are There Any Cheats For Walking Dead Road To Survival That Gives Unlimited Resources?

You the best of our knowledge there are no Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats available that can give you unlimited resources. Ultimately the game is designed to play through its game mechanics and stories if you concentrate on the above tips your gameplay will allocate required resources for you.

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